Happy New Hangover!

... Oh yes, I mean Happy New Year! Atleast it is at the moment for those of us who did not get "over served" last night! Lawyer and I stayed in and did our usual convince the kids it is time for bed at 6:00 and then order takeout chinese and watch a movie! We love it and I look forward to it every year! Our favorite babysitter is College Girl now and always has super cool plans I do not have the heart to ask her to give up and stay with my overtired kids while I go out and get "over served"!! So stay in it is!

This year we invited all friends over for dinner tonight and they are arriving at 7:30. So much to do before then. Let's quickly list it out ...
Lawyer spends forever at the market searching for the perfect Beef Tenderloin
(this will take him forever and he must be alone to chose!)
I need to tidy the house, mop the floors, trade out table settings from Christmas to New Years, clean the bathroom downstairs, chase the kids, chose a fabulous outfit, chase the kids again, made appetizers and keep the house tidy after I straighten it a hundred times!
Where is Lawyer? Still chosing and babying his meat! But it is the best (I hear) and everyone will love it! Surronded by friends is the best way to spend the first day of the new year.
Happy New Year to you all!!!


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