Red ear anyone??

Ok ... I am reaching out to all you mothers. It truly takes a village to raise a child and I am hoping someone in this "village" can help me.

Little Mister, our special needs child, has this weird thing happening to him. Every once in a while - ok, more often than not - one of his ears gets hot and red. Either before or soon after that he struggles. Today while he was getting his hair cut he got very agitated. He doesn't usually do this during a haircut. He seemed to get more and more frustrated and even hit our sweet Hair Girl. Once we were done he seemed better, but then on the way home the red, hot ear appeared. He then got upset and increasingly more and more agitated. By the time we got home he was done and I put him straight to bed. He was too spent to even eat.

Anyone got any ideas???? I tried to research it online and got very little. I found a red ear syndrome that I will continue to check out and then some entries on autism and food allergies. We have removed all the recommended things from his diet (dairy, food coloring, sugar - most of it - caffeine, artificial sweeteners) except for gluten. This could be a gluten allergy, but he is anything but skinny and waisting away. He is stocky and very muscular, not at all slim and skinny!!

I can find very little online ... do you have any information? Anyone heard of this before?


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