Me and my random thoughts ...

First of all I am completely in sync with Peyton Place ... J Lo named her babies Max and Emme ... for all of you with preschoolers those are the names of the kids on Dragontales ... is this just weird to us ...

Lipstick Jungle ... I just grow more and more in love with Kirby! I adore him. So ... does anyone else think Nico's husband is having an affair with his student. And why is Victory so in love with Charles ... he seems quite dull to me. I am liking Victory's boyfriend more and more ... maybe it's just his money!

Is it wrong to secretly go see a movie that you are scheduled to watch with your BFFs and just not tell them you already saw it? I mean it is The Other Boleyn Girl ... how long am I supposed to wait?

5:00? Can it be 3:00 or even noon on some days?

Bertoli frozen meals ... anyone else like these? Hair Girl mentioned them to me the other day and I just sampled one ... delicious!

So why did the Lucky Buck close the other night? "Kate's" latte tastes exactly the same? And yours?

How much monogramming can one girl do to her car? I already have the monogram on the back and now I have monogrammed floor mats in the front seat. Can I possibly add a monogrammed mat for the tail gate area too?

Why do I think the gas at the Quik Trip is better?

Why does all the food I get at Trader Joe's taste better?

And lastly ... did anyone else cry in Juno ... my friends are divided ... some did and some didn't. I ofcourse cried! And I am not ashamed to say it!


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