Remember that bad storm I mentioned ...

I told you it was a really bad storm ... I just had no idea how bad! As I took Lawyer to the airport I got to see the damage up close ...

Of course we were blessed! This is all downtown and we live in the burbs. But, I am so sad nonetheless. So much yuck to clean up ... and more storms are headed to us in about three hours.

But, I am cozy in my velour pants, t shirt, black flip flops with a venti nonfat latte from the Lucky Buck. YUM!!! Very cozy and the kids are on movie number one. Sky High ... cute movie! I also can recommend Nancy Drew ... another cute one. The boys loved it ... the sleuthing and all. I loved Nancy Drew, of course.

Oh, and did I mention my basement floods during very hard, long rains (not a lot, but enough), Little Mister HATES the rain (so now so do I) and Lawyer is out of town. Oh well, it is what it is and at some point the venti latte will turn into venti white wine!


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