10 only happens once!

Ok ... so obviously I did not sleep in again today. No ... like clockwork the two little ones were up at 6:30 am. It is magic. 6:28, 6:29 ... 6:30 both of their doors open and they appear in my room. I really do not know how they do that. So, Lawyer is sleeping in. He deserves it ... he took care of the crazies all day yesterday plus had my car completely cleaned front to back. That is better than diamonds to me. Some girls want jewels ... I want a car that sparkles. What can I say?

So, the rest of my weekend? We haven't really decided what to do. I know this afternoon I am taking the kids to the pool. Will I put on a suit? Oh, that would be a hell no!!! It is too early in the season to bear this body. I will need tons of sun before I decide to show up in full suit. As Hairgirl says ... "fat always looks so much better brown that white"! Totally agree!!! Plus our pool is always filled with bikini clad moms and I am just not there. Not kidding. Definitely not there.

We are having a bbq tonight. Very small but special. Little Mister has finished kindergarten and wants to graduate. He thinks if he does not graduate he will be going back another year. Two is enough in his book. He wants to be done and I don't blame him. So, since the school does not graduate them ... I will! 6:30 my backyard ... small ceremony. Just for him. He is totally pysched. Anything to reassure him he is done and ready for first grade!

What are you doing? Anyone leaving town ... or have the gas prices scared you home? They surely have kept my driving around at a minimum. I mean I would rather spend $100 on shoes anyday instead of gas. Can I get a hell yeah?


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