Preppy BBQ ... 101!

Dinner last night was fabulous and if you are a chicken eater even better. Lawyer makes this great grilled chicken that he puts a rub on that makes the neighbors and our friends line up at the door. Every time we invite people for dinner they ask ... are you having chicken? And he finishes it off with grilled sweet potatoes with a maple syrup and ancho chile powder glaze and grilled asparagus. The last two are amazing .. you would have to ask someone else about the chicken. (He made me portabello mushrooms ... which are super yummy!!!)

So, to get ready for the dinner I broke out all of my Whim tableware which I had been saving for the beach. It is not everyday your baby graduates after two years in kindergarten!!!

Above are the photos ...

Let me break it down for you ...
Hot pink umbrella - Big Lots $25 (Found this Friday shopping with Content)
Green tablecloth - Target Whim $4 (unzips to go around the umbrella)
Lilly Placemats - TJMaxx $20/4 (grabbed these yesterday)
Melamine plates - Target Whim $2 each
Lilly pink seersucker napkins - TJMaxx $19/4 (Found these last year)
Pink lemon salt and pepper shakers - Target Whim about $6
Lilly needlepoint coasters - clearance after Christmas at Parisian
Table and 4 chairs - Goodwill last year $50 (no lie ... made a dropoff and say it sitting outside)

And ta-da ... instant Preppy entertaining!!!! It was super cute and I love it all!!!


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