Is Google my friend?

So kind of a rough day. Okay ... let's just say it was more than rough!! Little Mister's genetic testing we did in April finally came in ... only 12 weeks later. So, I wanted the results ... but then I didn't. After waiting seven years to find out an answer to his developmental delays and struggles I was not really sure I wanted her to read what they had found.

Turns out it wasn't bad news ... it wasn't really any news at all. They found a difference in one of his chromosomes (#22) that needs more testing. Now they will test us and try to put the pieces all together to find an answer. It will be a long road. Not a bad one ... just long.

So what does this mean ... who really knows. As the darkness set in for the night I watched him sleep. He is still my sweet baby and I still love him. And as God proved to me one more day ... he is exactly the way he was made. Perfect!!!

But ... as I walked down stairs I fell into the old trap. You know the one ... look it up on Google. Arm yourself with knowledge. I am here to tell you ignorance is bliss ... and I chose to be ignorant. God will reveal to me in his perfect timing anything I need to know about him. But for right now I am going to let the last 12 weeks of stress wash over me and let it go. That and finally get a good nights peaceful sleep!

Because that is all I am called to do. That and kiss my babies and pray for them. That is the kind of knowledge I need ... not Mr. Google.

Good night and thanks for letting me share!


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