Prisoner #040701

So ... Little Mister did not have a great day again today. He was back in custody after lunch. I almost vomited when they called to tell me. The worst part ... I was half way to Nashville when they called. What can I do whilst I am driving down the road? So ... apparently he had a conversation during lunch with another child who is not currently in his class. Little Mister was not done talking when Jordan (new kid - remember the last kid was Denver) was done and put his hands on either side of his head to make him focus on the conversation. (BTW ... I have NO idea where he learned this move!!) So, apparently the mother got upset and ratted him out to the lunch monitor. Blah, blah, blah he was walked to the office and spent the rest of the day there. Can you say in school "suspennsion"? WTH ... I was the straight A student who never crossed the line. Still don't ... the thought makes me itch. How did this all happen?

Ok peeps ... need some help here!!! Any thoughts on how to teach a child to properly think through his actions? Cuz on this path I might be homeschooling by the end of September. And I promise this is not my gift! Hospitality yes, homeschooling hell to the NO!!!!

I have discovered that the children he is currently "speaking with" this year are all bullies from last year. Hopefully we have encountered all of them now ... cuz mama can not take much more!!

At least not whilst I am still in Nashville ...


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