Does this just happen to me?

Last night Lawyer was headed to a late meeting. As in ... dropped into the house at 6, changed cars, and headed out. (Cute Jeep with a soft top is not so good in a thunderstorm!) He was in the house a total of 3 minutes. And the entire time he was in the house he was on his cell phone talking to a client!

So, he calls me after he is on the road to the meeting for a quick chat. He overhears me telling the kids that the shrimp is hot and to eat their vegetables first.

Lawyer: Who are you talking to?
Me: (the lovely people I have invited over for an impromptu dinner party) The kids.
Lawyer: Who made shrimp?
Me: (the chef) Me.
Lawyer: Who is eating the shrimp?
Me: (the a listers on the dinner party list) The kids.
Laywer: Oh, ok I have to run. I will be late!
Me: (Ya think? It is already 6pm)

Seriously ... are you tired? Or just silly?

Who would I be serving dinner to at 6pm except for the kids? He obviously thinks I lead a glamourous life and was not feeding the kids (only two, Babycakes fell asleep on the sofa) in my pjs and flip flops with terrible sinus headache and a large sweet tea from McDonalds!!!

Atleast he thinks I am fancy!

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