Is this an airplane or a bus?

I spent the weekend in Orlando hosting a baby shower for my best friend. It is her first baby and we are very excited!!!! We had a great time. She was exhausted and uncomfortable (29 weeks) ... but it was worth it!

I flew home last night and I must say I was very confused! As a traveler I was trained by my parents to dress appropriately. You know ... shirt, slacks, ballet flats and cardigan in case you got cold on the plane. I will admit on the way down I did not miss a beat ... on the way back I had to change after arriving at the airport to be able to board appropriately. And why did my parents insist on looking nice? Well I assume it was to look less like the idiots I road home on the airplane with. Seriously? I thought I was at the bus terminal. WTH??? When did travel become so laid back? You paid $300 for that seat and you are going to wear your flannel pjs and crocs? Are you sure you thought thru that?

Here is what I saw just last night on my flight home ... and please remember it was 7:00 pm when I boarded.

1. Two parents and four kids (all under 8) all dressed in scary pajamas and not even matching ones. And by matching I mean the top matching the bottoms. Those kids screamed and fought the entire 60 minute flight while Dad read the paper and Mom read her book and listened to her Ipod. I am so thrilled they were relaxed!
2. A 20 something in her white velour pjs with multi colored polka dots and her bright red crocs.
3. A 50 something in a tank, tennis skirt and flip flops. Now really ... were you planning on playing in the dark when we arrived in Atlanta?
4. A very tall man in the seat behind me with the stinkiest tuna fish sandwich I have EVER smelled. Closed air = no tuna!!
5. A teenager with white sweat pants and no panties. Dark hair + tight white sweats + no panties = bad news bears!!

Oh, and yes ... please do not yell to the other steward that you left off serving the "Oriental" couple. Oriental refers to food, rugs or vases. They were Asian!


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