Murphy runs away!!!!

This morning after the boys left for school Babycakes decided, as she always does, to put Murphy on the leash and walk him. Same story every day ... except she wanted to take him in the front yard. Lawyer was not happy, but I assured him it would be ok. I was outside with her ... what could happen?

Well after being walked around the yard a hundred times he decided that was enough and ... made a run for it. Babycakes did a face plant in the yard and her beloved dog ran full blast down the street and far, far away. She burst into tears.

Lawyer gave me the speech ... bad idea, knew this would happen, yada, yada, yada ... so I was left to retrieve him. He is running full tilt away from me dragging his 6 foot leash. It was a bad sight. Me in my pjs and flip flops (not even good ones) darting through yards and the street trying to catch one very naughty Jack Russell. For my neighbors it must have been hysterical ... for me notsomuch!!!

After twenty or so minutes he turns back to the house and then darts up the street in front of the house. Babycakes is sitting in the garage bawling!!! She is sure he will never come home. And I promise you at that point I really wanted to just let him run all the way to China. I follow him forever. After a couple of close calls with bad drivers some neighbors and I finally corner him in a yard. Of course it took 5 of us to scare one 11 pound dog into submission. He finally gave up and sat down and waited for me to grab his leash. Smart little pain in the ass!!!

We start walking home and just as I round the corner heading toward the house I see Babycakes. She is sitting on the curb next to the mailbox with her head in her lap bawling!!! Can you just imagine what all the neighbors thought as they drove by? It must have looked like I had finally had it and run away from home.

Now, there's a thought ...


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