Oh ... that could be a problem!

When packing for Little Lawyer's hunting trip this weekend I noticed his hunting boots were too small. So after inquiring what kind of boots to buy him I headed out to make my purchase. When I delivered him in Anniston my dad informed me the boots would not pass the test. Apparently they were too girly and were not camo enough for hunting camp. Personally I thought they were perfect for the Lands End jeans monogrammed sweater outfit ... but what do I know about fashion? (That is the funny part ... I have the fashion degree!)

So ... he headed off and that was the end of it ... so I thought!

Today after school Little Lawyer says to me ...

"Hey when it gets cold you can wear those boots you bought me ... you and I where the same size."

Pretty good idea ... might need some mulling over ...

Then he adds ... "They are perfect for you ... they are pussy boots."
Me: "Excuse me?"
He repeats the same sentence.
Me: "Come again ..."
Him: "You know, girly ... pussy!"
Me: "Do you mean prissy?"
Him: "Isn't that what I said?"
Me: "No baby and let me tell you why you do not use that word ... "

I am sure he will not make that mistake ... ever again!

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