Scrubs do a man well ...

I have been to the hospital a lot in the past two months. Little Mister had a sleep study, renal scan, tubes put in yesterday, various bloodwork and today Babycakes went for a chest x ray. My friend around the corner says I need my own parking space. I think I will pass ...

I have made an observation ... men look better dressed in scrubs. Add some scrubs and a lab coat with an embroidered name and you are instantly better looking. Could be I assume you are smart, well educated and high up the pay scale or could be that you just look better. Either way I vote for the scrubs.

Does make my frequent trips more fun ...



  1. I know! I always think of greys anatomy! doctors are McHotties!

  2. I hope that you won't have to go back to the hospital anytime soon! I'll be thinking about you and the little ones! I had tubes in my ears too when I was little-it helped tremendously!

  3. I have to agree....my husband recently took a new job that required him to spend time in hospitals and sometimes wear scrubs. The first time he walked through the door in them...yummy.

    I actually came via Clemson Girl to send well wishes for your little one!!

  4. They do look better in scrubs, I agree! It may or may not be for all of the reasons you listed! hahaha

  5. My hubby is an OBGYN - I love it when he comes home in scrubs. Very cute, that is unless they are dirty from a busy day.... then not so cute.

  6. While I hope you don't have any more trips to the hospital any time soon, I am glad to read you were able to enjoy some eye candy while there! I couldn't agree with you more about the scrubs!!!

  7. Is that why I like Grey's Anatomy so much? I did have a crush on the man who delivered my daughter too--kind of sick, yes? But it's true. I say if you must go to dr, you may as well make it worthwhile! :)


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