Seriously ??

Last night I was not feeling well ... everyone in the house has the virus and I was not giving in. I took a long nap, washed laundry and did my best to rally. I am not giving in ...

As I was looking around my room I decided it needed a to be rearranged. I have been wanting to do it for a while and finally gave in to the desire. I made a plan on paper, checked it out with Lawyer and commenced moving. He looked at the design ... liked it and I started the work. Remember ... he looked at the design ...

He comes up after the moving is all done and looks around. He looks at a one piece of furniture and says to me ... "Is this new?" Seriously ... is it new? Did I run out in the last hour in my pjs, lack of bra and scary hair and scurry up a new antique dresser. I think not. I moved it from one wall to the wall to the right.

Oh my ... he is not a man for details unless it is at work where he can spot a word change in a 40 page brief faster than I can remove the staple. But at home ... he is clueless.

Maybe this is why Little Mister was able to give him the slip .... ya think?

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