When does it get easy?

So Little Mister had tubes put in this morning. He has had problems with fluid and it affects his hearing. A lot. We live with "what?" and "did you say something?" a lot. And it bites. I am just saying.

June Cleaver took Babycakes for the night (she is an angel!) and Little Lawyer got himself up, dressed and off to school. Even chased the naughty dog down the street when he escaped! Easy peasy procedure. Surgery ten minutes, wake up, juice, lots of love ... home and sleep for the day. Or so they say ...

He had an allergic reaction to the Versed they gave him to get rid of the freak outs he was having before the surgery. He decided he no longer wanted to stay to have his ears washed out. Me neither but no one was asking me. Once again ... just saying.

So they took him into surgery ... that was not fun, but he fell asleep quickly ... and then returned Satan. He freaked out so much they had to get the anesthesiologist out of another surgery to consult. If you happened to be at Childrens' this am in recovery I apologize for the scene in room 5. My mom (Hazel) does not do well with stress and lost her shit. Oh yeah ... lost it big time!

After an hour and a half, restraints, me in the bed with him and three consults with the anesthesiologist we were released. He is much better. But for the future ... Versed = Satan!

Just add that to our can not have list. Good news ... Clemsongirl says they sell binders for those kinds of lists.

Thank god for that ... (and her!)

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