No social issues here ...

Little Mister was tested at school for his IEP label. The psychologist worked with him for a total of four days (broken up over two weeks) doing all the testing. Our goal was to make sure he was getting all the services he was able to access. Early intervention is the only answer for developmentally delayed. BTW ... I loathe labels!!!

She finishes her report and calls us in for the reveal. Lawyer is the only one of us that can make the meeting. You know with me pulling together all the kids need for the last week of school and her wanting to meet at o-crack-thirty and all. They meet and he comes home to give me all the results.

She has a list of things for us to absorb and then she moves on to social interaction. He has scored way above any of her charts on his ability to interact socially. I could have told you that without any testing! Have you seen his gift list for school ... ( I let the kids chose who needs happies at the holidays)

Lead teacher
Special ed teacher
Bus driver
Lunch ladies (4)
Music teacher
PE teacher
Technology teacher
2 ladies in the office
Art teacher
Hall monitor
Parapro from last year
Kid who holds the front door in the morning
Counselor and cute girl who works for her
His girlfriend (who he loves "fur ether")
Seems like I am forgetting someone ... oh well! He insists every one on this list needs to be remembered. It is so sweet! Thank goodness I own a business!!! At least once a week I am identified in public as "Little Mister's mom". I love it ... Little Lawyer does not agree!
So yes ... no social issues for us!!

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