Babycakes is in!

After a long day (of me walking around in a fog) and a wonderful nights rest I am once again human!!!

4 am was worth every minute!!! Babycakes is registered for Georgia pre-k!! I know I freaked some of you out with the thought that you must be up and ready and crack thirty for preschool ... and you do if you want the coveted 28 spots at the cute little school she will be attending. The Georgia lottery pays for pre-k in certain schools and daycare facilities. Each school has a limited number of spots and they are first come, first serve. We could have left her in her fabulous Christian preschool for another year ... but I wanted her to have a stronger preparation for kindergarten. She will go to school next year all five days from 830-3 and attend a watered down version of kindergarten for free!!! Yes ... if you want a free slot you get up at crack thirty with the roosters!

I am thrilled! This is the perfect option for my baby. She misses the cut off this year by mere days and she is quick and bright and needs the extra curriculum. And can I say it again ... FREE? I just got a $400 raise per month next year.

All in all ... it was worth every minute of the giggling, gossiping, chewing the fat, coffee sipping moment that I shared with dear friends.

She is set for a great year! (and some am I!!)

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