All that and a bag of chips ...

I have been telling Lawyer for years that the corner Publix is a little suspicious. Don't get me wrong ... I grew up in Lakeland, Florida home of Publix. I love Publix. But that one is quite shady. The parking lot is ... shall we say ... home to the ladies of the evening. There is an ATM in the far front corner and I have spied more than one male getting some cash and adding a lady on as an extra. Lawyer says he does not believe me ... but I have seen it more than once. To top it off I have also seen a male in his car greet more than one friend in my time on the patio at the mexican joint in the plaza. I do not make this stuff up ... I swear. After it occurred to me exactly what was transpiring in said car I quickly found myself no longer hungry for my veggie taco and side of guac and chips. Still ... he does not believe me.

Well today Babycakes and I popped in Publix for popsicles. I had been to three different grocery stores searching for one brand of popsicles that he likes that do not have food coloring. What a Mommy will do for a sweet boy taken ill with Strep. Anyway ... store #4 and still no favorite popsicles. So Babycakes and I decided to move on and I let her pick out something just for her. Her choice ... Dora shaped popsicles. They looked positively gross ... but she was beside herself with excitement!

As we were leaving I saw the oddest thing yet to happen in that parking lot. The police officer working off duty as security went home with a patron. And not just any patron ... but one that could not even be a day older than 16. She could drive but if she was 18 then I am 25. And I promise you I am not. They were making out in the car like you would not believe and I could not stop staring. It was just like a train wreck ... I was afraid to look away. I could not tear my eyes off them ... even as they drove away. As I think of it I am sure my mouth was wide open and completely embarrassing!

All I am saying is this ... you will not find me giving that particular Publix any more of my money. I am afraid what I will see next!!!

Oh ... and guess what? The very gross looking Dora shaped popsicles are dye free! Who knew? He was thrilled ... at least he ate something!


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