Ok, Preppy 101 ... one more thing!

Ok, I figured out the problem ... but do not know how to fix it ...

Can you check your HTML ...

the main wrapper says $startside,
the middle wrapper says $startside, and
the right wrapper says $endside

what do yours say? I am thinking the main wrapper takes precedence and the middle one should float a different side ...

Your thoughts?


  1. I will check it as soon as I get home - probably be after 6:30 - I am getting ready to tutor right now, so I am thinking her dad wouldn't be too keen on paying my fee for fixing a blog - hahaha! Here she comes!! xoxo

  2. I have copied my info and will email it to you if you want me to. Then you can compare it to yours. My template is Minima Lefty, but I still think you might be able to look at all my numbers, etc. and fix yours. Just send me your email address and I'll send it right away!!


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