I am the luckiest girl in the world!!

Yes ... that would be me! Extremely blessed and so very lucky!!!

Last night after a long day of birthday celebration Lawyer and I carried two half asleep children up to their beds. We were all exhausted and I collapsed in bed at 9 pm.

Only to be awoken at 3:30 am by surburbia's finest with my GPS in his hand. The police officer and a half asleep lawyer in a t shirt and plaid boxers have the following conversation:

Surburbia's Finest: Is this your GPS unit?
Lawyer: It looks like it, but I am not sure.
SF: It appears both of your cars have been entered and cleaned out and we have caught the individuals and should be able to return your items to you.
Lawyer: How in the world did you know this belonged to me?
SF: I turned it on and pressed HOME ... it led me here.

That is correct. We left the garage open in our exhaustion and both cars were cleaned out. My purse and its contents, his litigation bags and our GPS unit. It was all returned to us by the sweet officer who dropped in for a visit at 3:30 am. Who never once judged us for leaving our garage door open or our cars unlocked. He was kind, sweet and ever so helpful.

We are completely whole (minus one Nintendo DS, a Diet Coke in a monogrammed koozie and six bags of Cheez Its left from our snacks snuck into the movie theatre). And so very lucky!

And don't think I am not thanking God every minute of this day for our safety and our belongings. Losing those items would have made our planned trip to Disney World so difficult tomorrow morning!

And yes, I doubled checked the cars were locked and the garage door is firmly down!

Sleep tight!

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