What a week ...

Wow ... this is a busy time of year at school. And since I have three children at three different schools that makes it even crazier! In this week alone I attended ...

One middle school baseball practice
Three baseball games
One preschool music program
Two first grade lunches
One first grade science experiment
One first grade story time
One preschool conference
Six carpools
and countless trips back and forth to each ... not to mention the trips to the store to gather things they all need for their respective activities! And to top it off ... I had my own to do list! Sheesh!!
Friday afternoon I was DONE! I counted seven trips from my garage to various activities. I was tired and beat! How do moms with more than three children attend all of their different needs?
Yesterday afternoon I laid down with Babycakes for a nap at 2:30 pm ... and promptly woke up at 8:00 pm! Watched a movie with Lawyer and was back to sleep at 10:30!
I am thrilled to say this week does not look so crazy ... and even includes a weekend away with Lawyer to Hilton Head!
Now that is my kind of week ...

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