Preppy is not for the weak!

Yesterday during a few hours alone I popped into TJ Maxx. None of my friends are shocked! They know if I have thirty minutes to myself ... you can have me paged at the local TJ ... I will be there!!

I had a maxi dress to exchange and I wanted to check out the bathingsuits for Babycakes. She has grown out of some of my favorites so we needed to revamp!!

I am walking through the men's section on the way out and I over hear a conversation between two women.

Plain woman #1 ... "This shirt has a whale on it ... if I brought that home my husband would laugh at me."
Sad woman #2 ... "And its pink which means I would never buy it!"

They were looking at the new display of Vineyard Vines polos. Solid pink, pink and white striped, and green and white striped. Absolutely darling of course!

The only reason I did not pink one up for Lawyer is that he owns the two striped ones and the solid pink was not available in his size. Not only does he wear pink things and things with whales ... he prefers them!

And that is why I adore him ...

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