Boot Camp ...

Yes!! This morning I was up at 5 am. Yes, I have shin splints! Yes, I wanted to puke more than once. Yes, the instructors rode me like sea biscuit. Yes, I wanted it to end quicker than it did! Yes, it was the hardest thing I have done since giving birth! And ... yes, I will go again.

How do I feel now? Very, very sore and completely rewarded!

Why did I do it?

Two reasons ...

First, I will be 40 in January. (yes, I said it!) I am tired of walking away from things that seem too hard or frighten me. I am a grown up and I will take chances.

But most importantly ... my nephew is in a Montana hospital in the ICU in critcal condition. I have no idea when he is coming home. He is young and strong and has worked harder in a week than I have in the last year.

... and he inspires me!

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