It's time to celebrate ... and dance in the streets!!!

We have been celebrating all day! We got a Caring Bridge update this morning that my nephew had been removed from the ventilator. He is breathing on his own!!! Let me say it again ... HE IS BREATHING ON HIS OWN!

I read the update ... pulled over the car ... and cried! They were such tears of joy and I was overwhelmed with my love for my family and my faith!!!

This is such great news ... I do not even know where to begin. Only two weeks ago he was pinned in a car and and had to be life flighted to the hospital. He was facing such deep bruises and damage to his lungs. We have prayed and prayed through the infections, collapsed lungs, clogged drainage tubes and more problems.

He is now on to healing other parts of his body that need so much prayer! One step at a time ...

For now he is talking (quietly) and breathing on his own ... and I am thrilled to tell you he enjoyed a vanilla milkshake with his mom!

I took the kids to Steak -n-Shake for burgers and shakes and we toasted our shakes to Scott!

It will be a great nights sleep for us all!

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