Toto ... I don't think I am in Atlanta this week ...

My parents arrived on Tuesday evening and I flew out early yesterday morning to spend the rest of the week with Lawyer.  After leaving the always chaotic Atlanta airport I was shocked to arrive at the very small and quite quaint Kansas City, Missouri airport.  Five gates for Delta and from the gate I could see the parking lot.  Wow ... what a difference!  I gathered my rental car with GPS and set off for Overland Park, Kansas.

So ... Kansas is very different from Atlanta.  Having never traveled to the mid west before I was overwhelmed by exactly how different it was.  The people themselves are lovely and the city is quite clean but overall it has a feeling I can not quite describe.  As I got off the exit I passed a Chick Fil A, Jimmy Johns and Sonic ... so it can't be that different than my every day.  I gathered lunch at the Whole Foods and I spent the late part of the afternoon at the hotel resting and reading.  Lawyer arrived after work and we had a fabulous dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  The sangria and I are now best friends!! 

I am so incredibly thankful to my parents for giving me and us this time together.  I am here until Saturday morning when I return home to my babies ...

Have a good week!

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