God's grace is amazing

So as I posted last night my heart was heavy.  I was sad, I felt helpless and I was weary.  My friend did not receive the all clear news and I felt useless.  As luck would have it my sweet contractor was here working.  He arrived at 4:30 and did not leave until way after 10.  He was litterally staining the deck with flood lights and way after dark.  He kept asking me if I was ok ... he thought that my weariness was upset with him.  I finally shared after the kids were in bed my day and just told him I was tired, sad and weary.  He went about staining the deck and I came inside.  A few minutes later he appeared in my den with a cd.  He handed it to me and told me to pop it into my laptop and listen.  What he gave me was the music from his church a few weeks ago.  He plays percussion and they happened to record the praise music that day.  I popped the cd into my laptop and let it play while I played a few games of Spider Solitaire.

About 40 minutes I was a different person.  Gospel music will do that to you.  I felt like I had just watched to the last 30 minutes of The Preachers Wife.  I was uplifted and my heart was singing.  I was still incredibly sad for my dear friend but God had turned that worry into praise.  I had a peace and calm that only comes from God.  My heart was calm in the storm around me. 

There is no coincidence that Mike was here.  There is no coincidence that he asked me why I was upset.  And there is no coincidence he had the cd in his car.

God is amazing and I am incredibly thankful I can call him my savior!!!

Matthew 17:20


eta ... just read a comment pointing out that Mike is a carpenter.  There are no coincidences!  Thank you for bringing it to my attention!


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