Babycakes finally had her turn with the stuffed class pet last week.  All the other children had their chance with Leo the Leopard for a weekend but we were cursed blessed with an entire week.  And to boot ... we were traveling out of state. 

Holy cripes ... I can not tell you how much keeping that stuffed leopard stressed me out.  I was sure we would leave the critter in some random place in city we knew very little about.  I found myself constantly performing the Leo check.  Do we have him?  Where did you set him down?  Did we get a photo with Leo in it?  I am so thankful that part is over!!

He arrives in a pet carrier which he spent most of him time in when he was not out exploring his surroundings.  Babycakes carried the carrier all over Kansas City and its suburbs for a week and I stressed every day all day that he would get lost.  Lucky for her me he did not!  If I wasn't worried about losing him I was reassuring some random stranger that it was not a real pet and "NO!  I would never let my daughter carry a real animal around like that"!  They were convinced as she twirled the carrier, threw it up in the air and managed to appear to be abusing a real animal that I was the worst mother ever.  My kids would probably agree with them but I in fact I am not! 

We I have printed 12 photos of the little bugger and we I have written five pages in his journal about his adventures.  Babycakes was so sad to return him.

Me ... notsomuch!  I gave him one last squeeze and sent him on his way!!


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