oh how I loved Lipstick Jungle!!!

One upside to having an absentee husband at the moment is that I am in total control of the remote at night.  NO arguing and NO fighting.  Hmmm ... this is one part I love about the traveling hubs!!!

I found Lipstick Jungle seasons 1 and 2 at Target for $5 each.  I absolutely loved the show and was so sad when it was cancelled.  Yes, SATC is my first love but these characters are equally as charming and multi-layered and I was hooked on the first episode.  I am not sure if I have a favorite character but if I did it would have to be Nico.  I love her strength and equally love her weaknesses.  She is amazingly beautiful and I love what they do to her hair!!  Of course who wouldn't love Victory.  She's talented, funny, quirky and has the most amazing clothes!!!

And then there's Kirby ... ummm ... WOW!!!  I forgot how hot he was.  He is truly divine!!! 

I am not sure this is the best series for me to re watch as I am prepping to move.  Their friendships and time together makes me incredibly sad.  I will miss my quality time with my besties ... but I will have to make our phone dates and skype time meaningful!!!

Hope your day is lovely!

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