The den ...

Back from online shopping and back to the house tour ...

The den ...

The den is huge ... and I could only really get one good angle for a photo.  The black and white silk panels will be moving into the dining room for the next house.  I am excited about using them in the green room!

My husband swears this room is what sold the house for him.  He loves judges paneling.  I am a huge fan ... but I have always wondered what it would have been like if we'd painted it.  He would have divorced me. 

Love these chairs.  Bought them at Lakewood for $100.  They were purple and disgusting!  Not any more!!

Left of the fireplace

Mantle ...

Right side of the fireplace

Table between the couches

Coffee table basket

 My favorite painting we own ... sweet but beautiful!

The bar area ... lots of yummy cocktails have been mixed here!

Next up ... upstairs ...


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