Don't be a cranky coffee maker!

To my beloved Keurig:

I understand some days it is mundane to make coffee for me day after day.  I always brew the same kind of coffee.  It is usually the same cup with the same splash of cream that sits upon you waiting for the hot and steaming coffee.  There is never any variance and I am sure you are silently screaming ... "really Dark Magic again ... big shocker there!  And truly ... always in the exact same cup?"

However ... I would caution you against acting up!  I would remind you that you are in fact a coffee maker and when I appear promptly at 7 am eyes half open I expect you to brew said produced coffee in the boring same cup.  I would not act out like you did this morning refusing to brew my coffee.  

Otherwise I will have to replace you with this ...

Yes ... I just say the V word.  I have it on good authority from Paper Girl that this is the mac daddy of coffee makers.  It does not cop an attitude and brews perfect coffee.  I understand it will require more of my time and effort but be sure that I am willing to make the commitment just to have my steamy hot coffee in the am just the way I like it!

So consider your coffee making self warned.  I would straighten up and fly right so you will not be in the back of the Yukon on the way to the Good Will where bad coffee makers go to retire.  


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