Yeah Pinterest!!!

I love Pinterest!  Who doesn't?  It is the most fun time suck out there.  I use it for gift ideas, outfit styling and recipes.  And then there is the arranging of the boards.  Wow ... don't even get my OCD on that one.

My favorite part of Pinterest has been watching a photo I took make its way around other people's boards.  I took the photo a few years ago for my then business MPM Designs.  It was a product photo to promote my new vinyl monograms.  That summer making monograms for coolers was HUUUUGE.  I probably made them daily if not more than once a day.  Everyone loved them and I still get comments on my pink and green monogrammed cooler.  

I did not load the photo onto Pinterest and imagine my surprise and giddy when I discovered it there.  I was all ... I did love that photo ... wait ... is that on Pinterest?  Holy moly ... look at that!!!   Seriously ... when I am perusing others boards and I come across it in their gifts or monograms section I still get giddy!

So fun!!!

Do you have a photo making its way around?  Please share!!



  1. I do love those monogrammed coolers! The other day I was looking for an idea for a veggie tray for Thanksgiving (okay, so maybe it wasn't quite the other day) and I came across a veggie tray that I'd done in the shape of a Christmas tree. It wasn't all over pinterest or anything, but there were several pins and I even found a link to a blog where someone had posted about it. I thought it was pretty exciting. Particularly since I havne't blogged in almost 3 years and no one really read it when i did :)

    1. How fun!!! I think it is so much fun to see something you made somewhere else! xo

  2. that's so cool! i want a monogrammed cooler now :)

  3. Are you still doing the monograms??? I want to order a few D'Arcy

  4. Are you still making? I would love to order a few! Darcy

  5. I really NEED a couple coolers... Keep seeing them on Pinterest and it is making me ready for summertime! Are you making them?



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