Project du jour!

WPM is home sick and I am stuck at home for today and possibly tomorrow as well!  What better way to feel good about my time at home then a project!!

I spotted this little happy photo on Pinterest and immediately pinned it onto my organization board.  Don't you love the level of happy this would elude every time I opened the under sink cabinets??  I am truly a nerd when it comes to things like this ... I am so easily pleased!!

First things first ... take everything out and measure.  

Second ... get a glass of tea ... this requires sitting on the floor and purging some crap!

Third ... gather all supplies in one place to determine what all I would need to place where!

Fourth ... gather Iphone for music.  This will take a while.  Why do I start these projects??  Now I have a HUGE mess ... you know the kind, where is that Windex?  Oh dang this cabinet is a mess ... must stop and straighten it and 9 others.  FRICK!!!

Ordered 4 of these ... I plan to stack them inside the doors.  Larger bottles on the bottom and smaller items on top!  Researched lazy susans and about passed out when I realized they could cost a small fortune.  I swear I own one from Target.  It's not a double but a single that I already own will do just fine!!  Of course I could have just waited until the sick child went back to school to venture out and gather them but I am in need of immediate gratification today!

Also need a new trashcan.  Mine is 100 shades of broken and disgusting!  I will once again introduce the laundry hamper/trash can idea.  I loved it before and since we no longer have puppies in the house I should be fine.  (They mistook the last one for the trees outside!)

Now just to stalk the UPS man and my project will be complete!

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