The most amazing kid!!

I say it all the time.  I have the most amazing children.  I have to slap myself sometimes and think ... did I really get this lucky?  I know I sound sappy and full of crap but you have to embrace the good with the bad of motherhood.  Who wants to focus on the battles, the endless driving, the low pay and bad hours with zero vacation days?  Umm ... not me!

Our middle child has special needs.  He has since he was born.  The needs are so small these days compared to his earlier years but just when I think he is "normal" I am quickly reminded by doctors and teachers that it is simply not true.

We are lucky.  He is healthy and none of his genetic "differences" affect his health.   All of his needs are educational at this point and I am extremely grateful for it.  Although watching him struggle with school and homework is hard I have to remind myself it could be some much worse!! 

To keep current on his reading fluency he is enrolled in summer school.  (He can only read on a third grade level although he is a rising fifth grader.)  From June 11 to July 26 he goes to school twice a week for four hours.  He gets on the bus at 8 am.  The rest of the kids are quietly sleeping and he is up at 7, showered, eating and gone before they even begin to stir.  He never complains.  (I can not say the same for me) He walks out the door with a smile and runs all the way to the bus at the end of our driveway.  He has the most amazing attitude about the whole thing.  Never once has he asked for his schedule this summer to be any different than it is.  Not once!

(He is in the middle lane going one direction and all the other swimmers are going the other)

He has the best attitude about his differences.  Sometimes I think he is blind to them.  While his sister is tearing up the pool at the swim meets he always comes in dead last.  He is always the last one to touch the wall sometimes even after the other swimmers have finished and moved on.  He has yet to notice.  He loves that everyone is cheering for him.  He loves that he has a variety of colors for ribbons and while she has just a few.  Last week he asked to swim a 100m event at this weeks meet.  Lawyer is catching a 6 am flight from Vancouver tomorrow to make sure he is home in time for the meet.  I am completely freaked out and my child is cool as a cucumber.  

(He wore this hat to dinner one night.  When we arrived he looked around and said to me ... "I am glad I wore my good hat ... there are some pretty girls here!")

He is girl crazy.  So much so that Lawyer and I have put off the "talk".  As Lawyer said it ... why give him any ideas?  He can sweet talk and write love letters that make me swoon.  Some girl will be lucky to have him.  He can whistle like a champion but can only do it while sucking in air instead of blowing out.  He told me one time God gave him the ability to whistle so he could whistle at the pretty girls.  God grant me the patience to handle all these girls he plans on courting!!

These are his new glasses.  He instructed me that we needed these even though they were "pricey" because they look the best on him.  He's right .. they do!  When we picked them up he told me the man would remember him.  When I asked why his response was "I am the kid who picked out the cool glasses.  How could he forget me?"

Yesterday when I picked him up from school I had the jeep with the top down.  It was a gorgeous morning. We blared the music and enjoyed every last mile of the long ride home!  At one traffic light I started dancing in my seat.  He looked at me, laughed and begged me to stop telling me I could get arrested.  Then he started dancing and I looked at him and inquired as to why I had to stop dancing but he was free to dance all he wanted.  He turned, laughed and said ... "Because I look good doing it."  Clearly we don't struggle with self esteem issues.

 There is a lot to be learned by raising a special child.  Most of the lessons I have learned he has taught me.  Why should things bother me that clearly don't bother him?  Why should I want to beat some stupid woman with her rude and ignorant comments to a pulp when he is oblivious to her?  Why should the short bus that comes to get him upset me when he thinks its the coolest way to get to "tutoring"?  Why do I waste my time worrying about tomorrow when he is enjoying today to the fullest?

WPM ... you are one amazing child.  You are hilarious, a friend to all, a lover of living life to the fullest and most  of all the bravest person I know.  

I am blessed to be your mama!!


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