Foyer Pizzazz ...

Pizzazz ... an attractive combination of vitality and glamour. 

After two days of work it is complete ... gold stripes in the foyer is a success!!!

It is exactly what I envisioned in my mind.  It has texture, it breaks up the turquoise study and the pink dining room.  It doesn't look like tacky ... and almost appears to be wallpaper.  Check, check, check and check!

I really love the pop of black from the staircase and the frames.  Once the gallery wall is back up on the stairs I think it will be perfect. 

If you follow me on Instagram you say me gushing over the Heirloom hydrangeas at Whole Paycheck.  They were $15 for 3 and once the water is gone from the vase they dry to perfection.  The one you see in this pic is more than a month old and still looks amazing! 

This picture was shot from outside the first evening.  I had only completed half of the stripes but really wanted to know what it would look like from the outside.  And yes, I did paint in real clothes.  I do that a lot!

Now just to settle on the color for the back of the front door ... I am leaning toward black.  Thoughts?

This is my first view when I walk downstairs ... and it makes me giddy every time I see a glimpse.

Couple of things to share about painting stripes ... 1.  Only use Frog tape.  And buy more than one roll, you can always take back what you don't use.  When you run out and use blue tape it will be a lot more touch up and and you will have bad language.  Pinky swear.

2.  When you paint the first few, you may freak out and think you have made a huge mistake buying expensive gold paint and wasting two days.  Suck up the freak out, paint it all and then decide.  You will love the outcome.

3.  Remember there is touch up.  No tape creates perfect lines.  Take the tape off while the stripes are still wet and then touch up with the wall color when they are completely dry.

4.  And don't ever forget that they are HAND painted and there will be imperfections!

5.  When it is all said and done.  Sit back, enjoy and pat yourself on the back!!


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