One Room Challenge ... Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!!!  

I am in the process of redecorating our guest bedroom and bath and linking up with 71 other bloggers courtesy of Calling It Home. If you missed the previous weeks ... you can catch up here.   

This week for me was the biggest change by far!!!  The rooms are painted and I am thrilled with the color results!!!!!

And the bathroom ... a shade lighter and the perfect "neutral" for the space!

It appears more blue in the pictures, but in reality is a bit more grey.   

The next large change for the week is the shower curtain ... 

1 hotel plush plain white shower curtain + yards and yards of navy and white Greek key trim = 1 fabulous custom made shower curtain!

I am in love with the results.  Lush and custom ... on a budget!!  

I failed to locate any brass shower curtain rings so I just bought silver ones, laid them out and sprayed them gold.  Perfect!!

The bathroom cabinet is complete as well ... 

Navy gloss cabinet ... check!  Added brass knobs for a perfect contrast.  It is hilarious to me that I spent so many years replacing all the brass in our house and now I am slowly but surely dragging it all back in!  So wish I saved some of it!  Sigh ... 

I can't keep myself from staring at the walls in the bedroom ...  

I am absolutely thrilled with the results ... blue and white heaven taking shape in my Guest bedroom and bathroom!! 

Step by step ... its happening!!

Checking the list ... here is where I am ... 

To do:
1.  Paint bedroom
2.  New headboard
3.  Euro shams
4.  Dust ruffle
5.  Bolster pillow
6.  Move long dresser into room
7.  Paint bookcases
8.  New mirror
9.  Lamps for long dresser
10.  Wall art
11.  Chair
12.  Pillow for chair
13.  Panels
14.  Paint hall
15.  Hang red chandelier
16.  Paint bathroom
17.  Paint cabinet
18.  New bathroom fixtures
19.  New hardware
20.  Shower curtain 
21.  Bathroom art 

Two more weeks to go and blowing through my master list!!!  I am thrilled with the results so far!!

Hope you love!

See you next week for Week 5!


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