Some thrifting tips ...

(Goodwill ... $29)

 After the first week's thrifting post I got a comment and a few emails asking for some tips on how to thrift.  The theme was consistent ... I must be going at times or to places that other people aren't.  I will tell you that thrifting is sheer luck.  And I am not a fan of the word luck ... but there really isn't another word to use.  I can walk into a shop and see absolutely nothing five times in a row and then just happen to pop into a place I would never expect to score and walk away with the score of the year.  It is just sheer luck.

(Goodwill ... table $20, lamp $10, needlepoint $4)

I will encourage you to thrift and thrift often and expect to find nothing most times.  I probably hit my two local Good Wills about every other week.  Some days I walk out with a 1.00 purchase and some days a cart full.  But I still love the hunt and when I score its worth all the dud runs.  

(Goodwill ... small $1, vase, $3, pot $3)

I did locate a blog post by Sarah Dorsey that I think you will find so helpful.  She has some amazing tips and tricks which even helped me!   Sarah is a new find for me and she is absolutely adorable and beyond talented!!  I love her recent post about a picture she lifted just for the frame!  Her after picture is ah-mazing!!

(Goodwill brass pot $5, book $3)

My biggest tips ... don't give up.  Find a few places you love and go often.  Don't get discouraged when you go and find nothing.  There will be plenty of days you will leave empty handed and plenty more you will skip out with your new favorite treasure!!

(Goodwill $3)

I hope you enjoy Sarah's tips ... happy thrifting!!


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