The One Room Challenge Linking Party ... week 2

Welcome to week 2!!!

I am in the process of redecorating our outside screened porch and surrounding deck area and linking up with 83 other bloggers courtesy of Calling It Home!!  If you missed last week ... you can catch up here.  

(Mary McDonald)

This Mary McDonald photo is the reason I wanted to make over the porch area.  The classic blue and white ... that porcelain collection ... and the couch.  UGH ... its amazing!  I have a similar piece we are moving to the porch.  This was and remains to be my inspiration photo for the challenge.  

Ok ... so where are we?  Well, the great thing about this transformation will be the end result during the prettiest time of the year.  The negative to all that pretty is that Georgia is smack dab in the middle of pollen season.  So this week was a challenge.  It started off with two days of record breaking rain storms and is finishing up with record high days of pollen counts.  Basically every single surface is covered in yellow dust.  


So, I had to get creative.  Instead of painting this week I got a lot of other things done.  

Let's take a gander at the master to do list ... 

1.  Paint the ceiling haint blue and the floor navy
2.  Score a new fabulous screen door ... something to serve as some eye candy! (learned I will need to have something made for me and it probably won't be ready for the end of the challenge) 
3.  Replace the small white sofa with a larger, more fabulous one that will be lacquered and recovered in the navy and white stripe! - ordered fabric 
4.  Recover all the cushions - navy and white stripes - ordered fabric 
5.  Add a billion and one more pillows and a lumbar for the new fab sofa - bought 6 pillows and ordered new fabric for the remaining ones
6.  New server/side piece to hold the lamps - lacquer server
7.  Lacquer the new coffee table ... 
8.   New lamps - those glass and gold are just perfect!!!  
9.  Buy mirror for above server
10.  Order art for sides of mirror from The Pink Pagoda 
10.  Bar cart
11.  Tons of blue and white porcelain
12.  Create outside dining area - eating alfresco is my love language
13.  Extra sitting area on the deck - more places for entertaining!
14.  New urns, pots and fern stands and fabulous plantings for spring
15.  Plan a shin dig for the porch's coming out party!!

I had a ton of success this week.  First I settled on a new seating arrangement for inside the screened area and created a seating area on the deck.  I am pleased with the end results for both.  As I was working on the new arrangement on the porch I weeded out all the pieces I would no longer be using.  It already feels so much better.  The pieces I am no longer using have been donated and I am left with only the good stuff!!  I placed the new bamboo coffee table I thrifted in Tybee in its new location on the porch and so far I love it.

I spent two solid days thrifting.  I hit the jack pot in a major way!  I lucked onto a ton of great blue and white porcelain, the perfect mirror, 2 amazing blanc de chine pieces, a white wicker fern stand and 2 perfect white wicker stools.  Crossed a ton off the master to do list.  The blue and white pieces I thrifted are the bomb.com.  I am beyond thrilled!! 

I ordered all the fabrics and had a major freak out moment when they arrived and two of them weren't navy at all ... and did not even match one another.  As in completely would not work at all.  After a complete freak out on the phone with Lance minor moment of reflection I headed back out to locate new fabrics.  I scored a solid navy I love and the navy and white stripe I needed for the cushions.  I still have my amazing starting fabric ... the navy and white Chinoiserie so its enough.  All in all it will be clean and organized which is the look I ultimately want to achieve!  Rest, calm and fabulous!! 

I made a decision on the blue ceiling.  I have always wanted a haute blue ceiling on the porch and I knew this would be the perfect time to make it happen.  While we were in Tybee the hubs spotted a picture I had dog earred in a magazine with a high gloss blue painted floor.  He loved it.  I wanted the ceiling blue and he wanted a blue floor.  He never has an opinion and lets me make all of the decisions so I felt like I needed to hear him out.  Today I headed to the paint store and grabbed every blue paint sample I liked and headed to Lance's for some design advice.  His advice was brilliant.  Paint the ceiling a pale blue and the floor a gloss deep blue.  The ceiling will resonate blue and the floor will pop.  

Done!  And I couldn't be happier!!

It was good week ... next week I plan to get all the furniture out and to the upholstery shop to begin work, I hope to start working on the lacquering of the mirror and the server.  I have my eye on a second bamboo coffee table (a much longer version of my current one) I am hoping to score that may need painting as well!  

Check out all the other amazing bloggers participating ... there is some serious eye candy out there!!


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