Year of Change ...

I was so excited to be invited by the talented crew of the Year of Change this month to be their guest blogger!  When Surburban Bitches asked me to join in I was beyond giddy!!  I love this series.  If you aren't familiar, they take on one project a month to make a huge difference in their houses in a year's time!  Can you imagine all I would accomplish??  It's like a One Room Challenge once a month.  What an exciting idea!!

The theme for July was to makeover a space you have neglected.  Although Little Bit's room is adorable, once we moved the twin beds out of the room and replaced it for her older brother's queen bed it did get a bit neglected.  I would walk past her room every day and think it needed a touch up.  

This challenge was the perfect excuse to give Little Bit's room some love!!  First of all she needed a headboard!  She had bedding and a vintage bed skirt, but the bed was clearly missing some love.  I truly think a bed looks fully dressed with a headboard.  Headboard and foot board is preferred, but a headboard if both aren't an option.   I so hoped to be able to make one myself until I realized that I wanted a design that was outside my DIY skillz!  I negotiated with the upholstery spa and since I was providing the wood he cut me a deal I couldn't resist.  I tried and tried to talk him into turning it around for me in just a few days and I was highly unsuccessful.  So, although I don't have a new headboard, I did finish the rest of the room.

Here are the plans ...   

This style ... although not this tall.  It does need to fit under the wall of framed Lilly Pulitzer prints. 

This fabric.  I love how it pulls all the items currently in the room together!

I moved the king size shams off the bed to make room for the new headboard.  I am excited to pick it up when it's ready!

I finally took the duvet to the monogram shop for an end of the bed monogram.  I seriously squealed when I picked it up.  

I snapped this photo in the car with the duvet in my lap.  I was so excited to get it on her bed.  I may or may not have rushed upstairs and past three kids who were asking me questions to get it on the bed.

LOVE!  I waited so long to get this done and I should have done it months ago.  I really think it makes the bed!  I love that it is monogrammed in a different place than normal.  

She was in need of some better lamps for her room.  I snatched up this pair of blue and white lamps at Home Goods.  I love the acrylic bases and matching acrylic finals. They were a great price and the perfect size for her dresser.  I used some of the headboard fabric and hot pink contrasting trim to make shades for the lamps.  I absolutely love the outcome.  They are the first thing I see when I pass her room and they provide just the light she needs in the room.  Her room is the warmest in the house so a chandelier is not an option, the ceiling fan stays.

The dresser feels complete now with the new lamps and the Cynthia Rowley mirror from Home Goods.  Yes, basically this room was made over after a trip to Home Goods, oh and a few items I grabbed online!

Like this amazing poster!!  I have loved it for years and new it would be perfect for her room.  It fits perfectly between her windows.  And I will love her ... for like ever!!

Her custom cork board I covered in Lilly Pulitzer fabric.  I love that she has a place for all her pictures and papers she wants to save.  The saying above is from the song my Nana sang to me when I was little.  Still my absolute favorite song!

The bookcase wall 

The side table ... also snatched up from Home Goods 
(I told you it was a Home Goods makeover)

Her sconces ... covered in Lilly Pulitzer fabric

The reading corner ... the best pink chair purchased from Pottery Barn Kids.  All the kids have them (obviously the boys aren't pink) and they are so comfy to sit in for reading.

Just waiting on that headboard ... but I love the rest of it!!

Check out my cohorts this month ... the very talented list of bloggers below!!  Thank you ladies for including me!!  I am still so excited that you asked!!  xo


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