Operation Organization ... B & A

I am so thrilled you loved the desk area!  It is perfect for my needs and that bright white desk is making me so happy when I walk in from the garage.  Now I need to update what I was sure was an all white kitchen.  You know how that goes ... one project starts another. 

Sigh ... 

I mean, I am so happy with this space I just can't stop staring at it.  I love the bright shiny white, the gold handles, every single part of it. 

But let's start out with the ugly beginnings!!

This is the only pic I could find before I cleared it off to start painting.  I don't know how actually how to express to you the feel of this space.  It was boring and served really no purpose.  It was a drop zone.  It may not appear so in this pic since this is one taken around the time we painted our whole house beige to sell it a few years ago when we were moving to Kansas.  And ps. we don't discuss kansasgate without me twitching.  Long six months I don't like to talk about. 

I digress. 

Here is a kitchen picture shot the same time frame.  The desk has the same top.  This appears to be black granite but it is actually black granite tiles.  They suck are not desirable.  That island and those cabinets are about to be treated to the same bright shiny white love the desk just experienced.  As soon as I research sprayers and masks.  

I spied this picture on Pinterest and knew this was exactly what I was looking for in a desk area.  It was organized, pretty and incredibly functional.  It looked so much like the space I already had it wouldn't be that difficult to transform it in two short days.  I quickly made a list and rushed off to Home Depot for supplies.  Luckily I had the cabinet paint and the paint I would need for the counter top. 

Isn't this picture fantastic??

After painting the back wall with chalkboard paint I was ready to tackle the much disliked black granite tiles.  This is the best tile paint ever.  It smells awful, will give you a headache like no other and is terrible to remove from body and clothes but works its magic on tile!!  

You tape off the space you want to use ... and check out the ugly of this desk ... I mean BARF!!!

And paint.  It took me three good layers with about an hour in between.  I wrap my roller with saran wrap in between sessions so it doesn't get oogy.  And then it needs to dry and cure overnight to become a hard surface.  It's magic I tell you!  

While it was drying I painted the uppers and lowers bright, shiny white!!  This photos are high quality I tell you.  In my fume inhaling moment I actually thought they looked good on my iPhone.  I snapped this photo just before heading to bed on Tuesday evening.  The uppers and lowers were all coated with two coats, the desk top had three coats, the hardware had been sprayed gold, the chalkboard was dry.  I was in good shape!

The next morning I was greeted with this amazingness.  I just love this paint.  The shiny hard surface is unbeatable.  That black surface is no more and the white tiles brighten the whole area.  I love it with the contrast of the pale yellow walls and the chalkboard back drop.  It works for me!  

The tops of the upper cabinets were already styled thanks to Lance!  Invite him for drinks and he does little things like that.  The inner upper cabinets contain binders from Target (black stripe, pink dot, orange dot), binders from Office Max (white),  black dot box from Kate Spade, styling books from Kate Spade and the remaining items are vintage scores!

Palm Beach map from Palm Beach Lately, lamp is a vintage score, brass tea pot is a vintage score, candle is from TJ Maxx and gussied up with custom vinyl from HKL Designs, hardware from Home Depot and sprayed gold.   

Pillow is custom made from Jennifer Paganelli fabric, ghost chair is from Amazon Prime and 
rug is from TJ Maxx.

Roses are from Whole Foods ... I highly recommend the 50 mm roses, they last for weeks!  Pad is from Kate Spade and pen is a Sharpie (my fave!)

Thanks for all the love!  We love the new space!!!


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