Pink Sunday #lillyfortarget

Wow ... Lilly for Target was gone in a blink of an eye.  

The promotions were amazing and the Bryant Park NYC event was absolutely breath taking to watch via social media.  The news is reporting that Target is shocked at the response, but I am not at all.  Lilly Pulitzer is a huge brand with a loyal following.  Those of us Lilly lovers have been watching the promotions for weeks, liking items in our look books and making lists of our top items and must haves.    All of my friends know my LOVE for the brand and it was no surprise to me that even the BFF's husband sent me an email on 1-6-15 with a note that said ..."Happy Birthday to you, you will be thrilled with the launch announced earlier today".  Thrilled doesn't even describe it.  Giddy, excited and counting down the days is more like it.  Watching the look book come out weeks ago and then seeing the ads on prime time TV only added to my excitement.  We hit the ground running in the wee hours of Sunday am with a plan and a hope for success.

My alarm went off at 1:30 am EST for the website launch.  I drank my coffee from my favorite pink mug and refreshed along with many others for others to no avail.  When it was clear to me that my efforts were not paying off I left my one must have with Skipper and headed out to Waffle House at 4:00 am to prepare for the day of shopping.  She scored the pants I was hoping for ... in a different pattern but as a die hard Lilly lover palazzo pants are palazzo pants.  

We arrived at our local Target store at 5 am to find ourselves first in line with three hours of waiting ahead of us.  Our precious friend Missy made us matching t shirts and we sported those darling Oh Shift shirts while we waited.  Girl talk and online refreshing kept us busy and the time flew by.  The manager checked on us a few times and appeared at 7:45 am with coffee for our growing line and the rules for the sale.  We were limited to 4 clothing items ... 4 items total ... so that made weed out tough but doable.  When we heard the announcement we changed our must haves from clothing to home goods which was the high on my must have list.  I mean ... a Lilly pom pom umbrella?  It had been the subject of my dreams for weeks!

Once the doors opened it was quite exhilarating.  I headed straight for clothing to choose my 6 items and my sizes to weed down to 4 and then to home goods.  We agreed as a group to meet up in Toys to trade and weed out ... which we did and all went quite well.  We had a following of darling girls who were happy to take anything we wanted to give back.  I gave back three beach towels, a pink blanket, gold and white plates and a weekender bag to trade for a set of napkins and a floor pillow.  

I call that a win, win.

I also was easily able to grab up the remaining Essie polishes I wanted.  The new colors are so fun and will look so good with my Lilly wares. 

As we were checking out before 9 am I watched as the associates were taking down the signage and filling in with regular stock.  Wow ... in less that two hours every single piece in our store was sold.  It was sad to see them removing those darling green flamingos and cute pink and green Lilly signs.  It gave such life to our store if even for just a little while. 

I am thrilled with experience over all.  To be in store and online for such a huge day in the history of shopping is something I will not soon forget.  It was an amazing day of pink and green and all things preppy where my friends and I traded one another for things we loved and gave up others with the plan of I can always borrow it from you.

I do not agree with those who shopped with the intent of selling and seeing it all on Ebay has given me such sadness.  Yes, we live in a society of supply and demand ... but I would much rather tell my friends and readers I have something I am not interested in the hopes they would want it and treasure it for themselves.  That is of course just my opinion ... which has already received some negativity on social media.  But it is just that ... an opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.

I scored the umbrella, a chair, a throw pillow, a floor pillow, stir sticks and a set of bar tools for Lance.  I also was lucky to find another pair of palazzo pants, a maxi dress, the navy pool cover up and some darling blue shorts with pom pom trim.  The sizes are a little off and the quality is not up to Lilly Pulitzer standards ... but it is a Target line and all in all I am thrilled!

Did you go?  What did you buy?  

And my favorite question ... what is your favorite item you scored?

#pinksunday will be talked about for years for sure!!


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