Chasing your dreams ...

I have always been drawn to being creative.  As a young child I can recall rearranging my room and dreaming of new colors to paint the walls.  And shopping?  I think I had the bug before most of my friends.  They wanted to play outside and I wanted to rearrange their rooms and shop their houses to find amazing things to make their perfectly darling rooms even more so.  

Fast forward a number of years and not much has changed.  My exhausted husband will walk into our home each week and no longer questions why he can't pull into the garage.  I think part of him even expects to find treasures in his space.  I can be found most days moving something in my home as I have just discovered yet another incredible vintage piece I must display in the space I just perfected last week.  It is what it is ...

At the beginning of the summer I shared with you my new venture which has grown exponentially in the weeks since.  I remember the first day before the first sale thinking if we could just sell half of our items I would be thrilled with our success.  Eight hours later sitting in one of our favorite restaurants toasting our day we were both in shock to learn we had sold every single one of our 47 items we listed and had an incredible response to our then one week old venture.  

The Cellar was a hit! 

Six weeks later and the success hasn't even begun to slow down.  Yesterday we listed 151 items and extended our sale by three hours to accommodate our working customers.  It was an incredible day of items flying off the shelves, some mere seconds after they were listed.   I am sitting this morning morning relaxing, taking it all in and remembering we only finalized this plan a few months ago. 

For at least two years Lance, David and I have talked about selling vintage items.  We love to shop and the items we would discover were way too many to be displayed in our own homes.  We had a choice, stop hunting or launch a business. With their booming interior design business Parker Kennedy and my family schedule the timing wasn't right.  The dream sat on the back burner for many, many months.  

I can remember the day we decided the timing was right.  I was sitting in a breakout session at The Southern C in April listening to speaker after speaker talk about living their dreams.  Going for broke.  Not letting your fears get in the way.  As the speaker kept on with incredible inspiring words I grabbed my phone and started texting.  In a span of twenty minutes we agreed to make it happen and decided on the details that for many months had eluded us.  

It was a done deal.  

I knew I was meant to attend this year's summit, but at the time I had no idea why.  I was excited to attend and had read many blog posts and testimonials on how incredible The Southern C was.  I was prepared for a good conference but I wasn't quite prepared for how incredible it would truly be and how much it would impact and change my life.   

Looking back I learned way more than my many pages of notes.  I learned a lot about myself.  Our lives haven't slowed down any.  My husband still travels every week.  I am still responsible for four children and a blog and myself.  Parker Kennedy is still an incredible growing business.  This year alone they have completed a number of private and commercial projects.  Combine that with countless show houses and appearances and their schedule makes mine look like a few notes on a post it.  Life is busy and full and if you want something you just have to take the plunge and make it happen.

And that we have!

Shop with us each week ... it only gets better each week!


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