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Don't you love Instagram?
I absolutely love following people, meeting new friends and finding inspiration in so many amazing photos posted.  I have so many things I post on Instagram that never make it to the blog ... which is fine, but there are stories behind each picture which is the best part for me.  If you sat me down and asked me why I posted each pic I could give you a back story.  

Actually that sounds fun ... let's try it ~

I posted this picture to promote The Cellar and it was one of a pair that Lance had found while shopping for our weekly sale.  He surprised me with this one and sold its mate.  I am madly in love it.  Isn't he darling? I love gurgle pots and this one looks amazing with tulips pouring out of his mouth. 

And in case you didn't know ... they are called gurgle pots because when you pour out the water it makes a gurgling sound.

My sweet Hubs.  So many nights I fall asleep alone in our bed since he is on the road weekly.  Any night that we fall asleep with his hand touching me is a blessed night of rest.  And he does fall asleep just like this, with one hand touching either my leg or my back.  It is my absolute favorite thing!

I posted this picture almost years ago the first time after a spray tan and preparing for a black tie event.  I reposted it for National Lipstick day and it was a hit.  I absolutely love this pink lipstick and it might have been the cheapest one I have ever purchased.  I was super excited about this evening and I had just left the salon where I was treated to lashes.  Of course, you can't see them since I am wearing sunglasses hoping to mask my wrinkles!


Breakfast in bed ... another treat I love from the Hubs.  We found gluten free bagels and he made this for me to let me try a gluten free option to one of my favorite breakfasts.  I started eating bagels this way, minus the peach, when we were dating and our building made them as a special.  It was amazing then and it is still good 20+ years later.  

Did you know that the Waffle House has a full menu they will give you if you ask for it?  I had not idea until the oldest told me one Friday evening when we stopped for dinner.  They have steaks, salads and many other items I was unaware they served.  Not that I will be ordering any of that ... but now I know.

Oh Sonic ... how I love you!  I starting going to Sonic as a child when we lived in Columbus, Mississippi for three years.  I don't eat red meat so I always ordered the grilled cheese, large tots and a slush.  Our Sonic closed a few years ago so now when I am driving, even on short road trips, I scout out the Sonic for a treat.  It's always the same ... large tots and a small slush!


I have been falling on my face a lot lately ... maybe because I am trying a lot more things and obviously I will fail at a ton of them.  This spoke to me so well.  It is just a no, its just a stumble, a small bruise and definitely not permanent.  

My first day wearing two shoes after six weeks in a cast.  I remember getting all excited to chose something fun to wear with flip flops since I wasn't able to make any other shoe work.  I could barely walk and it was a long day ... but I was still super pumped!!

Little Bit's bathroom ... and only half way finished.  Sigh ...

It was on my summer to do list, but being on a ladder to paint the other half of her bathroom wasn't a good idea.  I was in her bathroom helping her get ready and I apologized to her for not finishing it for her.  She was so sweet and said ... "No biggie, it looks so good and I can wait."

She was right ... it does look good and the sun was perfect that morning.  I wanted to remember that sweet moment forever!

That was super fun to do and I hope you are super bored ... 

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Happy Tuesday!


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