Lake House Dreaming ...

After spending an incredible day with dear friends a few weeks ago at their lake house, I have a growing desire to own one as well.  It started with a little inkling, and it has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks.  Now ... I think about it quite often. 

Nothing big ... but something we can gather as a family for quality time as our little ones, who aren't really little any more, grow up.  Now that we have one in college I see the importance of creating a space you can gather when they come home.  

A space set aside for quality family time!

Of course I am drawn to Thom Flicia's lake house ... but I am also drawn to Thom's budget.  Who wouldn't be?  Isn't this the most amazing view and just begs for unplugged time together.  

As in ... leave your phones in the basket in the house, its quality time!

I see something with tons of windows at the end of a street.  Quiet and serene and the perfect place to reset.  Tons of books, lake motif with oars and flags ... the all american simple house with the view to die for!

I would embrace the tiny piece inside of me that wants an all white and light blue house.  That way my small house would feel all pulled together as a bigger house.  Lots of quilts and blankets for the cooler months, and of course big comfy couches and chairs for sitting and soaking each other up for hours. 

All the navy, red and chocolate elements would pop off those white walls with pale blue ceilings.  

I can almost see it in my head ... 

Tons of baskets and rope details with old flags hanging and my oil painting collection hanging on the walls.  It would be cozy and charming ... personal and yet simple!

Of course it would have an all white kitchen with wood counter tops and beams exposed beams on the ceiling.  Rustic yet chic!

Rope swing, fire pit and tons of Adirondack chairs for long lazy sunsets, books and of course, coffee in the morning. 

Yes, I truly do want a lake house.  

Now, I just need to make my plan and save my pennies.  

So this will be my incredible view one day!

Happy weekend!


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