Organization 101 ...

With back to school right around the corner, or here for some of us, the time is perfect to chat about getting organized!

If you are like me at all this time of year I make all kinds of resolutions to keep organized during the school year.  I say things like ... "that paperwork won't sit out and drive me crazy", "I will have a system this year for that" and of course, "three schools won't be stressful at all". 

Ha! to the BWAHAHA!  Each year I promise myself things and each year it happens over and over again!

I do love an organized space and I feel like the paperwork that accompanies school children is simply ridiculous.  It eats me alive each and every year.  I am always looking to improve my systems and to find another, better way.  Am I the only one?

My go to's for organization tips ... 

Jen has some amazing printables for meal planning and keeping track of your donations.  I love her little signs when you are purging to use for KEEP, DONATE and RECYCLE.

Samantha is darling and everything about her says organization.  We met briefly at Haven and I adored her from the word HELLO.  

I love her post on organizing bedding and her post on the wine closet is ah-mazing!!!

Ginny is really good and fun to read.  Some of her posts I have to skip over but this one on paint storage stopped me in my tracks.  I have one million paint cans and need to do this stat!!

I also love the idea of a kitchen command center ... I am trying to figure out if this is the best option for all our absolute important things I need to put my hands on daily.  The kids have taken over my kitchen desk with their school paperwork and the special ed papers alone eats one whole shelf.  The command center sounds pretty good to me!

Her 31 day purge sounds so good to me.  Yes, I know the post is from 2014, but purging is always a good idea.  The Cellar has helped me tremendously to purge some of the amazing things I had been keeping at the house for "someday" but there is so much more to sort through.  Kids rooms, basement ... how quickly it all adds up!


Do you have a time of year you commit yourself to being more pulled together ... the new year, the beginning of school, spring?  What works for you?

Have a great Tuesday!


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