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Me, Natalie, Iris, Kelly

So, let's just go ahead and say I had the best weekend in just about forever.  I think it was the combination of girl time, pure relaxation and celebrating an incredible woman.  Three besties and I met up in Sea Island to celebrate our dear friend Iris for her 75th birthday.  Iris is one of the most amazing women I have ever known.  She may be 75, but she can hang just like any other young girl. Both full of life and wisdom she is quite the spitfire.  We laughed, cried (ok, it was just me), ate, giggled, celebrated, ate, relaxed, ate, hung by the beach and the pool ... and did I mention eat?  It was an incredible three days and one I will remember forever!

To see the full weekend you can follow along with our journey on Instagram under the tags #campiris #irisis75 #ferrierfun and my go to, #tpctravels.  We knocked a large item off of Iris' bucket list and seeing her speed off on the back of a Harley might have been the best day ever.  Well, that or seeing the faces of the men working there as we all strolled in in pink and green with large beach hats.  I mean, that was priceless!

Some highlights ...

On Sunday afternoon Natalie, Kelly and I all decided we needed to get jobs on the island and stay forever.  Something so magical about being with people you love and trust, it just feels your soul.  I say it a lot and it never gets old.

I am blessed!

Happy birthday dear Iris ... we love you so!!!

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