Hydrangea Love

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My love for hydrangeas runs deep and wide.  They are just the perfect summer flower for me. Driving past yard after yard with large bushes full of blooms makes me crave to have a yard of the same for myself.  Something about that large white, pink or bluish purple bloom just makes me want a sea of them.  Add in a white fence and I am a goner.

My goal this summer is to stock our yard full of hydrangea plants.  Many different varieties and colors which I understand I will have to work to create.  I am inspired by every yard around screaming summer and sadly mine only showing the large blooms indoors.  Each Monday I add fresh flowers to the house and I should be cutting them from my own yard instead of buying them.  Don't you agree?

Do you have any tips?  I have planted them once before but apparently I planted a shade variety in full sun.  I will confess my thumb is not even a little black ... I would actually call it brown since I seem to kill just about anything I plant.

Wish me luck ...

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