TPC Loves Jord Watches

I was recently introduced to Jord watches and to say I am a huge fan is quite the understatement.  I spotted a friend wearing one and quickly asked her to share her source with me.  I remember noticing the watch and then realizing it was made of wood and then completely falling in love.  

Jord Wood Watches are fabulous! From the moment you click on their website you notice something special.  The selection is incredible and the colors are wonderful.  I truly had a hard time deciding which watch I loved the most. 

All of the watches are priced from $120 to $295 so there is truly something for every single budget. The wood options are simply gorgeous.  I chose the Zebrawood & Champagne from the Frankie series.  The zebrawood is gorgeous and is the perfect nod to my tortoise obsession.  I loved the champagne face and knew I wanted a large watch to pair with all of my accessories.  I like a big watch ... what can I say?

Since the moment the watch arrived I have worn it non stop.  Jord presizes their watches so the moment it arrives you can begin enjoying your watch.  From coffee runs with my darling summer intern to date nights the watch has barely left my wrist.   And the zebrawood goes with basically every single thing I wear.   I truly love it. 

I woke up this morning and noticed it was still on my wrist from the evening before.  It is so lightweight I didn't even notice I was still wearing it when I tucked myself in for the night.  I can't recall the last time I even slept in earrings so this is a true statement to the fact the watch weighs hardly anything at all. 

The lovely people at Jord have not only gifted me a watch but have generously offered a giveaway to one of my lucky readers.  Click the giveaway link above to enter to win a $75 coupon for your very own Jord Wood Watch.  The best part ... just by entering you will be eligible for a $20 coupon which expires 10/16.  You can chose one for yourself or for a loved one as a gift.  I have a watch picked out to purchase for Lawyer.  Let's keep that little detail between us ... its a little surprise gift!

Good luck and check out the Jord Wood Watch website.  Their watches are incredible and their customer service is amazing!  You can thank me later ... 

Happy Thursday!


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