Baby's Cottage

I love the movie Dirty Dancing and when it was first released I promise you I watched it more times than most people should.  I was obsessed with the lodge, the dancing and of course Baby.  I had Baby's hair style and I just knew we were meant to be friends.  Her white jeans and keds, yep, had those too.  I mean, I loved Baby. 

The movie was set in upstate New York but the lodge itself, Mountain Lake Lodge is actually located in Pembroke, Virginia.  The lodge built in the early 1900's has expanded over the years but the main lodge built in 1936 remains the same today.  Some of the cabins on the property date back to the early 1930's as well which made the lodge the perfect setting for The Kellerman Resort and the year 1963. When the movie was filmed in 1986 the set used the lodge and a number of cabins on the property as the set for the iconic movie.  

That lodge is breath taking. I would love a tour and a drink by the fire. Even better how about a stay at the lodge for a weekend or even the summer.  I love the retro feel and the incredible grounds of the property. That lawn is sure to be the site of many croquet games and lawn tennis.  #yesplease to every single bit of it. 

I fell in love with the cottage that Baby and her family stayed in during their stay at Kellerman's.  The iconic blue roof drew me in immediately.  The Virginia Cottage has three bedrooms and three baths. The living room has a vaulted ceiling and a wood burning fireplace and the large wrap around porch provides an incredible view of the lake, lawn and the lodge. Because of its role in the movie it is more commonly known as "Baby's Cabin" and is quite popular for guests.  

Sign me up tomorrow!

The stairs and lake scenes were shot on a separate property which is now a residential community. The old Chimney Rock boys camp at Lake Lure was the location for these and all the interior dance scenes.  The famous Baby carrying a watermelon scene was also shot here. 

Johnny's Cabin

The Mountain Lake Lodge offers a number of Dirty Dancing themed weekends complete with a sock hop, group dance lessons, a watermelon toss and a scavenger hunt. The weekends fill up, as you can imagine, with guests hoping to relive the movie over and over. 

With the upcoming release of the new Dirty Dancing movie the buzz surrounding the original will be high once again.  Since I love the original so much I am not sure I can embrace a new version.  I mean how do you top the finale of the first movie.  To this day if I spot it on TV as Lawyer is flipping I must sit and watch every second. The dancing and the music takes me back to high school and the feeling I had when I watched it for the very first time.  I was sure I wanted to be a dancer for about two months until I remember I have zero grace.  And how do you remake Jennifer Grey's incredible portrayal of Baby?  Or the incredible dancing of the one and only Patrick Swayze?  It will have to be perfection to catch my eye.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

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