Tuesday's Thoughts ...

Hi y'all ... happy sunny Tuesday to you.  I am sitting at my desk watching a few leaves fall in the backyard and enjoying the crisp weather this morning.  The windows are open and the pup is in his bed next to me enjoying all the smells of the day.  All in all it is a good one!

The weekend was not the best as it started promptly at 7:06 am on Friday when my husband called me and told me he was in trouble and needed help.  Turns out he had been in an accident and not a good one, but is there ever a good one?   When I arrived he was in shock, didn't recognize me and immediately complaining of head pain.  Long story super short, he is ok and recovering from a concussion and some serious soreness.  He will be fine and our Jeep will need some body work, but she too is good. We are blessed and lucky and none of us is taking it for granted.

I am laying low for a little bit longer.  I am working on my One Room Challenge and hugging the heck out of my hubs for everything its worth.  He worked some yesterday and I may have texted one too many times to check on him.  I wasn't ready to be separated if you must now.  Life is short and every single thing can change in one blink of an eye.

Don't take any moment of it for granted lovies.

Adore each of you ... see you in a few days!!

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