Saturday Scores Vol. 14

I spotted this image on Pinterest earlier this week and completely stopped searching and stared it at for ever!! And then I read every single word of the blog post quite possibly twice.  Isn't it incredible??  It started my mind spinning about anything I need to add think about adding to my blue and white collection to be able to create something similar for Thanksgiving.  I have never done an all blue and white table for the fall and I think it would be perfect!!

As I was sourcing ideas for myself I decided to share my finds just in case I'm not the only one who wants a blue and white table!!  The first thing I bookmarked were these amazing blue and white candlesticks.  Going to need those for sure!  Also I love these monogram dinner napkins which are currently on sale.  That will definitely help with the budget!!

I have linked the rest below ... some amazing pieces to mix and match for all you blue and white obsessed just as I am.

Happy Shopping!!


A Gentry Bourbon Date Night

I was researching tailgate parties for a friend the other day on Pinterest to collect some images for a photo shoot she is working on and was immensely inspired by all the amazing classic preppy photos. It was one monogrammed button down with pearls after another.  Add in a little plaid and finish it off with a needlepoint belt and I was completely smitten.  My preppy heart could hardly contain the goodness that was all over my screen.  As sad as I am to see summer come to a close I was slightly excited to see some plaid goodness everywhere.  Maybe in a month I will be ready to embrace the fall.

Just maybe ...

Until that point I will be working the summer vibes until way after Labor Day since it doesn't really cool off here in the south until way late into September.  At the moment it feels like 100 and the humidity is out of control, but I am still happy it is truly still summer.  In the spirit of a new season slowly approaching I can, however, set up a cocktail hour and bar cart fitting of the feelings the search invoked in me.  A little fun for our regular stay in date night, a classic cocktail with all of his favorite things complete with a small dinner of cheese, crackers and nuts for two.

I think this sounds absolutely perfect ... which is why I made it happen for last night's date night. I gathered his favorite drink (Bourbon) and made one of our favorite ways to enjoy it, the mint julep. While he and the boys were in South Carolina last week he snagged a bottle of Gentry Bourbon which I have been absolutely dying to try.  I added in a few of my favorite classic pieces, pulled in some of my monogram favorites, snagged some white roses and some snacks from Trader Joes and it was ready to set.

Easy peasy really and so fun to set up for the two of us. I was literally dying to make the Mint Juleps and may have stalked him to find out when he would arrive.  They were delicious and the whole evening was just what we always want Thursday nights to be, relaxing and low key.

Cheese Crisps via Merry Cheese Crisps ... there were more and the kids snagged them!

Cheers to Friday!!  

Mint Julep recipe ...

This is a robust drink ... one will definitely set you back, just beware, and enjoy!!


Coffee Please ...

I know without a doubt you are with me on my excitement over the first cup of coffee of the day. I wake up to my 6 am alarm each day and after stretching for a minute my brain immediately starts thinking of coffee.  I literally get excited about that warm cup of strong yumminess. It may be my favorite part of each day when I wake up. 


Feeling Like Me ...

We all have bad days and some of those bad days extend for more than just the day and we end up with a bad week.  It happens to everyone and sometimes it takes a little more to get back to feeling like yourself.  Last week was that way for me.  It started off emotional with my youngest starting her 7th grade year and then hit me hard after losing a large and ever present member of my family and I was left feeling drained and lost and totally in a fog.  Part sad, part grief and just completely and totally drained.

We can all relate.


Introducing LBH & Co.

As you may know I write a monthly installment for The Southern C titled From The Desk Of.  For the last 18 months I have had the pleasure of interviewing some incredible creatives to learn more about their business, their path to success and what drives them personally.  It is one of my favorite things to do each month.


Croquet Love!

My love for the game of croquet started as a very young child.  My grandparents gifted my mother and I a set when I was about 3 and I distinctly remember being taught how to play immediately.  I will find that photo of me in cute plaid pants and blue clogs with a mallet I am sure was as big as I was learning to play.  My mother was wearing amazing flare pants in an incredible pattern with her beloved Dr. Scholl's sandals.


Saturday Scores ... Vol. 13

School is upon us! Did you see last Friday's amazing giveaway of back to school goodies with Madeline and Company???? It was absolutely too good to be true filled with all of those amazing supplies. My assistant wanted it for herself! In fact she was so excited she pulled together some of her personal must haves for senior year. Note that it does not include a backpack ... she already has her Madeline and Company backpack that she absolutely adores. 


Dinner Party Table Perfection

Happy Friday!!  I say it every week, its my favorite day.  This week has been so crazy that I may have stood on something tall and jumped right into Friday's arms half way through yesterday.  I was so ready for the weekend I could hardly stand it.

Hello Friday, I am so thankful you are here!


S'mores Galore!

Happy National S'mores Day!  Since this is a favorite dessert for the Minears I knew it was the perfect day to share our recipes.  Lawyer loves to grill and since he uses a charcoal grill it is easy to roast marshmallows as soon as we are done with dinner.  The kids will ask, s'mores tonight?, during dinner at least once a week.



Weekend Precis ...

Since my youngest child started school today (UGH) I knew I wanted to make this weekend last as long as possible. After thinking about it for a few weeks I knew I wanted to spend the weekend making new memories and having adventures, and that we did. And we lived it out until the very last second, coming home last night from the lake to arrive at 9:30.  Not ideal for anyone's schedule but also so very worth it.

It's those moments we don't forget ...


Saturday Scores ... Vol 12

Happy Saturday!!  I am super excited to share a fun sale with you today that starts at 8 pm tonight. Set an alarm, mark your calendar on your phone and get ready, this is a fun one!


Mom Social

So as you have noticed in my Insta stories one of my children started school on Monday.  The youngest starts next Monday and the oldest doesn't start his new semester until the end of the month. Thank goodness for some sanity with these early start dates.  They might have started school but summer is no way over for me.  I still have a full month to soak it all up before swimming kicks up again and we have to think about a new season.


Pool Side With Hazen Jewelry ...

I have shared my adoration for Hazen Jewelry and the darling Taylor Miller in the past.  It is no secret that this girl is a rock star and makes the most adorable jewels.  I had the incredible gift of spending a full day with Taylor recently and she shared with me that her newest photo shoot was right up my alley.  When she sent the images I literally gasped.  It was like I died and landed in Palm Beach goodness heaven.  

Literally ...


Skipper's New Gig!

As you know one of my closest friends is Amanda from Dixie Delights.  Although, I don't call her Amanda, to me she is Skipper and always will be.  From our first getaway together when I hung my Lilly items in the closet next to hers and they were identical except hers were so much shorter than mine.  I recall saying it is like Barbie and Skippers closet in here, and Skipper she instantly became.

Let me tell you a little about Skipper.  This girl is quite possibly the most detail oriented and smartest girl I know.  Truly ... she is brilliant.  Skipper is very organized and when she tackles a project she doesn't leave a stone unturned.  If you follow her blog you can instantly tell she is all about the details.  Whether she is making dinner for the kids, organizing a pool day, a vacation or something even bigger her posts are spot on and full of amazing tips and details.  I read her blog daily even though I know most of what goes on in her world just to soak up the tips.  Recently she taught me about Fresh Market and their meal deals and the best meals to cook on a green egg (my hubs wants one).

She and her darling family love their Disney vacations.  In the few short years I have known her she has taken numerous Disney vacations to the parks, resorts and cruises.  There is nothing she doesn't know about Disney and she puts my extensive knowledge to shame.  My dad worked for Disney when my parents divorced and I was quite the frequent flyer as a child with the parent connection and my grandparents devotion to the mouse.  Skipper has me beat hands down. Every single time she goes I learn more and more about a place truly special to my heart.

All of these details about my dear friend make her new adventure perfect for her.  After leaving Coke earlier this summer she has taken a position with Glass Slipper Concierge.  This job is perfect for her and she will be a rock star.  When she and I were new friends we met for lunch and she helped me plan a spring break at Tybee Island.  The details she gave me were incredible and we had the best time.  She had my schedule down to the tiniest moments even telling me where to be to see the most incredible sunset while having the best Bloody Mary we have ever ordered!

I can not recommend Skipper enough.  Reading her blog alone will convince you she is your Disney vacation planner!  I promise you that I would use her time and time again for every single vacation we plan.  Our summer plans (since the youngest swims all summer long) move to September and if I can find a Disney property we want to visit Skipper will hands down be my go to for assistance.

You can read all about all she does in this post where she announces her new gig.  I adore her, as you can tell, and she is the best around for any and all things mouse related. This is your vacation planner right here, Hands down!!

I adore you Skips, and I can not wait to watch you slay this position.  It was made for you!!

Happy Tuesday loves!

Don't forget to enter the Shello Dahling giveaway!  It ends on Friday!  


A Pink Clutch Soireé

I had the most wonderful weekend!  My first trip to Columbia, South Carolina left me with fabulous new friends and a heart full of new memories and treasured moments.  I truly can not even process all the amazing things I saw, ate and experienced in my two days in this charming city.  I can't wait to return!


Saturday Scores ... Vol. 11

Happy Saturday lovies! Today I have linked some of my favorites from this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale ends August 6th so make sure to start your shopping quick, as in now!

The Anniversary sale is the best time to stock up for fall.  I didn't get a lot of pieces, but I did grab the top below, stocked up on some amazing candles and got a few things for my house.


Introducing Shello Dahling

You may recall this image which I posted when I attended an event in Savannah in early June.  I got a lot of questions and comments about my outfit.  So many people asked about my jumpsuit and my necklace.  Sadly the jumpsuit is sold out, but the necklace is not only not sold out but its one of many made by darling friend Emily.


San Pellegrino Mix Art

As many of you I have an assistant all summer.  I count down the days until she arrives and I mourn when the summer ends and she goes back to her regular life.  There are few people like the darling Anna Grace.  I take her places and people ask her where she goes to school, as in college.  The truth is she is still in high school and is truly like no other.  She is bright, quick and knows me inside and out.  I am blessed she chooses to spend her summer with me, as she always shows up with a smile and leaves with a hug and a "love you".  

All summer she has been working her tail off.  This year she took on posts and she has been the writer of the Saturday Scores since its inception. She is good and I love her to pieces!!  Today is her last day as school starts Monday.  I can't imagine how sad I will be next week. 

To celebrate her growth this summer I treated her to this post.  She could chose the content and write it from her voice.  She nailed it, but I knew she would.  

I give you AGB!!  ... 

I found this article in domino magazine and was immediately hooked ... is this picture not fabulous! I don't drink but I have always found cocktails to be a beautiful craft so these mocktails from Sanpellegrino's Mix Art collection have been my new obsession. Down below I have my favorite mocktails from the collection including some with my favorite flavor the Arianciata Rossa. They are all perfect for summer get togethers with my girlfriends ... so much better than just a coke.

Santa Rosalia

0.3 oz Pomegranate syrup 
1 oz Grapefruit juice 
2 oz Aranciata Rossa Sanpellegrino
garnish with orange slice

Santa Cruz

0.3 oz raspberry syrup 
1 oz pineapple juice 
1 Aranciata Sanpellegrino
garnish with mint leaves, pineapple slice, and raspberries

San Joseph

12 raspberries
1 slice ginger root
1 Limonata Sanpellegrino 
garnish with orange zest and rasberries

Santa Cristina

0.3 oz strawberry syrup
1 oz pineapple syrup
1 Aranciata Amara Sanpellegrino 
garnish with pineapple slices and strawberries 

I will make these in my kitchen and my girlfriends will help slice the fruit while we're jamming to our favorite Spotify Playlist from my birthday party. Make a night of it!!  

P.S. I found this while I was going through my favorites and this is what I would pick for Paige ... she loves a good gin cocktail. 

Love on the Rocks

1.5 oz Gin
0.75 oz Campari
2.5 oz Aranciata Rossa Sanpellegrino 
Crushed Ice
garnish with an orange slice

Enjoy!  xo, AG


Pink Hotels? Sign me up!

When visiting Palm Beach last month I had the pleasure of touring The Colony.  I loved it so very much with every little detail so very Dorothy Draper.  Carlton Varney poured his talent into the remodel and I could not love it more.  Of course, one of the reasons I adored it was because it was pink.  I mean, a pink hotel?  


Image result for the colony palm beach florida


I just think I would sleep better knowing the outside was pink!  Come to find out there are a number of pink hotels and I have rounded them up for you today.  I will be spending the rest of my day planning a number of vacations so I can stay in each one.  

Anyone else want to come?

Image result for loews don cesar hotel st pete beach


Girls' time at Beverly Hills Hotel | LA http://www.ohhcouture.com/2017/05/palm-springs-la-17/ #ohhcouture #leoniehanne


Image result for la valencia hotel la jolla

Image result for boca raton resort the waldorf astoria collection

Image result for the vinoy renaissance st. petersburg resort & golf club

Image result for the royal hawaiian honolulu

Image result for hamilton princess hotel and beach club hamilton bermuda

Each one is more fabulous than the last one!!

Happy Hump Day lovies!


Steve McKenzie Takes Macon

It is no secret that I adore all things Steve McKenzie.  How could you not?  Steve is a multi talented shop owner, interior designer and artist.  Every single thing he touches is made better ten fold.  To know Steve is to respect and adore him and anyone who knows him would wholeheartedly agree. I was thrilled to hear he was recently invited to participate in this year's Design, Wine & Dine Showhouse in Macon, Georgia.  I knew I would be inspired by his space but I truly did not realize how much I would LOVE it. 


Introducing ... Pillow Grace

Happy Monday!  I have such a treat for you today and I can't wait for each of you to own this product and to make it your go to gift for others.  I absolutely love mine!!

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